terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

ARTmosphere by L'Agenzia di Arte - Barcelona, Spain

In the nextMarch, 17, 2012, by 19h00, the Patrícia Muñoz Gallery, in Barcelona, Spain opens na International exhibition of art – ARTmosphere BY L’AGENZIA DI ARTE – with the participation of the Plastic Artists Andrea Pierus, Aucta Duarte, Brighart, Carla Taveira, Cosme, Fernando Rôlla, Francisco Urbano, José Cunha, Lucia Sandroni, Massimo Bardi, Mimmo Corrado, Neves Guerreiro, Rose Cannazaro, Santiago Ribeiro, Sílvia Marieta, Teresa Martins and Vifer. L'Agenzia di Arte is composed for more than 600 contemporary artists of various nationalities, in several artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, painting and digital video. In this exhibition will be presented works from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Austria and Netherlands. ARTmosphere BY L’AGENZIA DI ARTE will be open until 31/03/2012 Galería D’Art y Disseny Patrícia Muñoz Calle Latorre 122 bajos 2nd Sabadell, Barcelona, Espanha

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